Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Chapter 10

"She's my cherry pie, cool drink of water such a sweet surprise,
tastes so good makes a grown man cry, sweet cherry pie" she 
hummed as she wrote the lyrics down on a piece of paper.
She grabbed her acoustic guitar and started put the chords to the
song, Richie walked in on her.
"What ya doing?"

He walked over to her, grabbed his flaxen coloured guitar, and sat beside her, their legs both crossed.
He scooted closer to her, their knees touching. She felt very comfortable next to him, OK girl admit it you're attracted to the guy, she thought in her head.
She played some chords on her guitar and wrote them down, then Richie came up with the solo on his electric (this one).
Soon enough they were done, now it was time to pick a singer.

"How about you sing this Richie, I bet you're really good"
"Jon can sing it"
"No, you can, for me "


"Oh, Jonny boy" she said bounding with excitement.
"What now"
"I have a new song for you" 
She handed him the lyrics sheet.
"Wow, this is ...."
"Awesome" Richie answered. He started to hum the tune, and then the words.She grabbed three electric guitars and started to play the intro, "2,3,4", then they all started to play while Jon sang, his voice was like sandpaper, that scratched her ears.
"Stop" she asked.
"Why doesn't Richie sing". So now they tried again, with Richie on vocals, his voice like velvet, no satin.

They finished, and Jon leapt up from his seat.
"I have to show the others, this song"
He strode over to Richie, and patted him on the shoulder, "Good job man". 
Jon wandered over to the phone, he told the band to come over, he aid it was 'important'. He hung up the phone and walked proudly over to Evie, telling her she was a genius and thanked her for her talents. Then there was a knock at the door, Richie opened it and the rest of Bon Jovi walked in.
"Wanna hear our awesome song" Jon screeched.
"Sure thing" David said.
The guitarists picked up their instruments, and Evie played the intro, then Richie joined in, Jon started singing.
Once the whole thing was over, the band started clapping; they enjoyed it.
"Who wrote that?" David questioned.
"Evie, she wrote it" Richie replied.

 A/N - The actual awesome song

Chapter 9

Her eyes snapped open, instantly moving to her alarm clock. She had slept for ten hours, it was now four am.
She trudged down the stairs, and saw a half naked Jon on the sofa, sleeping. She searched for Richie, but he was nowhere to be seen.
She briskly wandered over to Jon. "Jon, where's Richie"
"I don't know" he said sleepily, before returning to his sleep.
She rang Richie, on her telephone.
"Richie, is that you, where are you?"
"Some hotel"
"I'll come and get you"
"OK I'll be waiting darlin' "
She hung up the phone, grabbed her car keys and went to her car.
She drove out of the gates and started driving down the road, soon enough she found a small hotel. Taking her chances, she asked them if Richie was there and sure enough he was. She had his room number and went to his room.
She knocked on the door, and waited for him to open it.
Soon he stepped out, and he was really drunk, so he probably wouldn't  remember much.
"Come on asshole"
Soon they were home, Richie slept, whilst she got ready for work. Dam work.


So far in just that morning she had, two primary school kids (elementary for Americans, sorry I'm British) who had examinations, an old lady who had a root canal (ouch), and a few others, including a man who had the worst teeth she had seen in her life, and she had to take those out. Thank goodness she had reached the end of her shift.
"Evie, some people are waiting for you" the receptionist said through the phone.
"Send them up"  she huffed, before hanging up the phone. She quickly changed and stretched her back. It half didn't hurt leaning over all day.
Jon walked through first, followed by the rest of the guys, Richie gulped, this place was his version of hell.

"Evie, the guys" Richie told her
" Nice to meet you" she said
"This place is...." David trailed off.
"Hell" Richie muttered
"Why'd ya say that Richie?"
" Because of what happened" Jon chuckled, so did Evie.
" Hey it's not funny"
"It was fun doing it, a bit of bonding time"
" Spit it out, what was so funny " David asked confused about their chuckling.
" Well, I managed to knock him out, then I took out all four of his wisdom teeth out, with a little help from Jon of course"
" Then the asshole took aspirin, which ended up being a total disaster"
"How the hell did you do that?"
"A little persuasion"
"Right" David said.
"You are so going to pay for this, Evie " Richie spoke in an evil tone.
She was introduced and she went back to her house with Jon and Richie.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Chapter 8

They walked in with the whole band at their heels, they sat down and  the interviewer welcomed them in.
They started talking about the tour, what places they were going to and things like that. The interviewer started handing out coffee and Richie couldn't resist. Evie was watching on the TV and phoned him. His phone rang next to him.
"Excuse me I need to take this"
He walked backstage, walking over to his dressing room where there was no people to overhear.
"Dammit Evie, I was in the middle of an interview"
"You picked up that coffee, If you drink it you will end up with a bloody mouth, you don't want that on live television, do you?"
"So don't drink it then, got it, because I can't help you this time"
"I love you, Evie "
"I love you too, King "
With that he ended the call and returned to the interview.
"So Richie, how  did you get that nice looking bruise on your jaw"
Richie lied, he didn't want anyone knowing his little secret. "I was drunk so I can't remember it exactly". Richie winked at Jon.
The interviewer as always started talking about Jon and Dorothea, Richie snuck  off  backstage. He went into his dressing room and grabbed some extra-strong painkillers. He grabbed some water and swallowed them. This was causing a lot of pain, he had a throbbing pain where they were extracted from. But he didn't want to tell anyone, especially Evie.


She sat down and put on her trainers, nothing was better than a nice run, she was lucky- she lived in the countryside. She shut the front door behind her  and started to run, she ran as fast and far as she could, soon she had ran a mile and took a sip of water, sitting down on the grass. Then she remembered Richie and Jon were due to come home. She jolted up, grabbed her water and started walking, then jogging,  then  turning into a full sprint.
She sprinted through the village and onto the little country road that lead to her house. She finally made it back in time for Jon  and Richie. She sat down on the step, her stomach protesting her running. She made lunch and started to eat it,  once that was done she went into her bedroom, kicked off her shoes and heaved her aching body up onto the bed.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Chapter 7

"Richie, get your ass out of bed, breakfast is on the table"Jon shouted at Richie's door. "Coming" Richie replied.
He ran down the stairs to where Jon and Evie were eating their breakfasts.
"What is on the menu today"
"Soup" Jon replied 
"Can't I have something a bit more interesting"
"No" Evie said in a stern voice. Richie went over and got his soup and got a bottle of water.
He walked  back over to the table and downed a couple of painkillers, the side of his mouth was bruised and his jaw was swollen, it was horrible he even had to get an extra pillow to sleep on just to get comfortable. What would the tabloids say, or if the interviewer asked about it?. What was he going to say?. Anyhow he started tucking into his soup, Evie and Jon had finished their toast and put their plates to be cleaned.

"Thank goodness I have a day off work, today"
"Oh dam, we have that interview today" Jon blurted out.
"Who manages you guys, I'd love to pull all of his teeth out, stop that bastard speaking"
"It's Doc McGhee, and I'd love to see you try"
"Anyway, I'm gonna crash" Evie told the men 
"Hang on, you can come with us" Richie offered.
"Richie, no, we can't " Jon told King of Swing.
She sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to her. "Aren't you  two gonna sit down rather than talk, you know you love me"
She was being ignored, their *talk* turning into a fully fledged argument, their voices booming over everything else. She got up and walked over to them.

"STOP!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.
"You, go into the living room" she pointed at Richie.
"Jon, come with me or I'll chop off your tongue". She dragged him downstairs to her basement.
"Welcome to the music room, Jon". The place had electric guitars, Kramers, Fenders, Les Paul and a few acoustics as well. A piano covered the top left and a drum kit was at the top right.
"Play your heart out, no one will hear this place is sound-proofed, I'm off to look after the King". She grabbed a couple of her her acoustics and went upstairs.
"Richie, wanna jam with me"
"Are those guitars"
"Yeah, I have loads"

She handed Richie an  acoustic and she played with him. After about an hour of constant playing, Jon came up from the basement.
"Time to go man" Jon told Richie.
He put down the guitar and kissed her cheek. "That's cheered me up, darlin', thanks"
"Take care you two" she told Richie and Jon as they left her house. They walked down the path towards their car, Jon drove and Richie sat in the passenger seat.

Chapter 6

Richie opened his eyes and looked around, no Evie , just him and Jon.He sat up, Jon was watching the TV. So Richie thought he would go up to Evie's room, quietly he sneaked up the stairs and walked down the hallway to Evie's room.

She spread out under the covers and nuzzled the pillow, finding some extra warmth. She turned to her clock only to find she had slept for four hours. Turning over she groaned and buried her face in the pillow. Her toned arms pulled up the covers and long legs stretched out.  She now decided this was a good time to go and have a swim, to wash away the fatigue, that still lingered inside of her. She got up and stretched her back, she walked over to the door.

"Richie, what are you doing here, I  thought you were sleeping"
"So did I"
"Well I'm gonna swim, wanna come?"
"Sure thing"
They walked down the hall together, hand in hand, they walked down the stairs. Jon was preparing dinner - pasta to be specific, in the kitchen. Richie turned  on the TV, MTV came on, Livin' On a Prayer played. "Anything but watching ourselves, please" Richie pleaded. " Okay, I'll change it". She changed the channel and it was on Funhouse (okay so maybe not the best show from the 80's but it's all I know, I wasn't around then). Evie nuzzled Richie, basking in his warmth.
"Dinner's ready" Jon shouted from the kitchen.
They rushed into the kitchen, eagerly awaiting their dinner.
They each got handed their dinner.
"For me and Evie it is pasta " he said as he put it in on the table.
"And for Richie I have scrambled egg" he told him.
"Rich, did you take aspirin?" Evie asked
"What would happen if I did?"
" Well, aspirin thins your blood, after an extraction the body needs to clot, if the blood is thinned then the body cannot clot, therefore it ends up bleeding, like this afternoon. Which I had to sort out, Richie "
" Richie did take aspirin, before he went to sleep"
"You could of had a little bit of common sense, huh, anyway lets get back to eating, and Rich take it easy"
They carried on eating their dinners until it was gone, Richie got up and went to sleep on the sofa. Evie sat there and sighed, couldn't Richie of used a little wit. Anyhow she got up and went into her swimming pool, she took off her normal clothes and put on her swimwear. She jumped in and started swimming, she swam one length, then just swam even more, her anger spurring her on.

 How could he be this stupid?. But she felt guilty for it some how, she should of told him. She was so exhausted; she needed a break. Now she had been in their for half an hour, and had swam a mile, it was now okay to jump in and treat herself. She jumped in and went down to the bottom of the pool, shooting back up to the top again, with a big enough splash. Once she had done that she went back to her lengths, she was an expert at swimming, had been since she was a child. Exercise is addictive; like a drug.
She had been in there for two hours, three hundred lengths, she felt like she was going to fall apart.

"How long is she going to be in there? " Richie asked
"I'll go look" Jon told Richie
He walked into the swimming pool room, she was there swimming.
She carried on swimming, tears staining her cheeks.
Jon shouted her name, telling her to come out.
"Evie, come out, or I'll get you myself"
"Watch me, Kidd " she muttered under her breath.

Jon dived in, he swam over to her, she swam away carrying on with her swim, like he wasn't around.
He struggled to keep up with her. Finally he caught up to her, and wrapped his arms around her so she couldn't get away.
"You know I was a  lifeguard once, and you're a brilliant swimmer"
"Richie told me that compliment, wanna do some swimming with me "
"You've been in here long enough, time to get out"
"How long has it been "
"Nearly three hours"
"Where did that time go"
She jumped up, out of the pool and wrapped a towel around her, Jon on the other hand clambered on the steps and got out that way.
She fluffed her hair and went up to a spare room to get dressed.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Chapter 5

She followed Richie into the bedroom, God that was the best shower she had in years. Richie lay down on the bed and patted the spot next to him, indicating for her to sit down. Willingly she jumped up and curled up next to him. "Today was horrible, until you came, King". "Evie, explain to me why my throat's sore". Richie asked. She sighed, "My 'assistant' put a tube down your throat, you know for the anesthetic"
"Okay I was just being curious "
She leaned against him, her head against his shoulder, her eyes felt heavy and she fell asleep. Richie got up and pulled the covers around her. "I'll be in the living room if you need me, sweet dreams" Richie told her.
Richie walked into the living room, Jon sat on the sofa, watching TV.
Richie walked up to him, "Jon I don't think I can do the interview"
"Why?" Jon questioned his wingman.
"Look I had a operation today and I really need to rest"
"Richie, I can't let you do that, it's already been arranged"
" OK Jon"
He sat down on the sofa, and let out a small whimper.
"Rich you okay"
"I'm fine " he let out a cry of pain escape his lips this time, his hands gripping the side of his mouth.
"You are definitely not, I'm getting Evie" Jon told his friend.

She opened her eyes, Jon was standing there. "Shit Jon you scared  me,"
"Its Richie, something's wrong"
She pushed him and ran down the stairs, as fast as her legs would take her. Richie lay on the couch, in obvious pain.
"Richie, talk to me, what's happened"
" Blood,..... mouth" was all that he could manage.
She opened his mouth and looked at it, blood everywhere in his mouth. "No, no, no the stitches they fell out before his mouth could heal, Jon get me my needle and kit"
"No needles, Evie" he said as she prepared by putting on gloves, Jon handed her the needle.
"I'm so sorry Richie " she told him as she injected the needle firmly in his gum, earning a firm cry from Richie.
"Jon give him sedation, please now" she told him as Richie whimpered uncontrollably, the blood filling his entire mouth.
"I'll have to tell Doc the interview's off" Jon managed before he phoned their manager.
She put some cotton-wool into his mouth to soak up some of the blood. She started to stitch his gum back up, meticulously taking care of each stitch, Jon held Richie's head still.

Was this a dream?. Wait no it wasn't, he looked straight up only to find his band mate's face staring at him, worry in his eyes.
His eyes felt sleepy all of a sudden,  must be these sedation drugs, he closed his eyes waiting for this to be over.
She finally managed to do the last stitch, and took out the cotton-wool rolls from Richie's mouth.
She got up and went into the kitchen, poured a glass of water, and put it next to Richie.
"Jon, I'm going to my bedroom"
She went up to her bedroom and jumped onto the comfortable bed, and closed her weary eyes. It was now the late evening and Evie snuggled under the covers, she fell straight asleep, it had been a very long day, and a hellish one at that.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Chapter 4

Evie looked at Richie and then looked back at Jon." What are we going to do with him?".
"We could take him to your car"
"Good idea, Jonny boy"
Evie picked up Richie's arms and Jon had his legs, carefully they carried him down the stairs down to Evie's car." Do you think that we are allowed to do this"

"No one's here, it closed an hour ago, we're the only ones here"
Richie groaned and grumbled as they lay him down in the backseat of Evie's car. Jon drove as Evie sat on the passenger seat. Jon turned on the radio, The Beatles played softly.
They pulled up to a beige-coloured house with a fountain at the front that has a patio at the front and  a long drive leading up to it. Jon got out first followed by Evie. They opened the back car door and grabbed Richie, dragging him out.

They opened the door and carried him in and sat Rich down on the living room sofa, in front of the TV.
Jon went up to one of Evie's many bathrooms and was having a shower when Richie awoke." Hello sleeping beauty, have a nice sleep" Evie asked. "I did, and why is my mouth so sore?". Evie chuckled "Oh you wouldn't imagine what I did this afternoon". A sly grin appeared on her lips." Oh no you didn't" ."Well I did anyway" Evie stammered.

"You should go back to sleep, you've got to rest"
"Doc has an interview lined up for us tonight "
"Well I have dinner to make for you" she stammered.
"Can't you make it for Jon as well, he might want something"
Evie handed Richie the list Jon wrote down back at the surgery.
"This isn't fair darling"
"OK be in extreme pain then"
"Alright then I'll do it, what's for dinner then?"
"Ice cream"
Evie got up and grabbed the ice-cream tub from the freezer, while Jon came down from having his shower.
"King, poor you having ice cream for dinner"
"Well ice cream isn't that bad"
Evie handed Richie the ice cream and sat down, a sigh escaping her lips. "Well hasn't today been eventful, huh Jonny".
"Yeah" Jon said chuckling
"What's so funny? "Richie asked
"Something that only me and Evie know about" Jon said
"Well now you said that, I have to know about it"
"You see, while you were wondering in Richie World, Jon helped me"

"You mean he stuck his fingers in my mouth" Richie mumbled, his eyes firmly staring at Jon. Jon gulped, so maybe he did but Richie was knocked out.
Richie put his bowl back onto the table in front of him, and lay down on the sofa, it had been a long day. Evie got up and went to the enormous pool she owned. She jumped in with her clothes on and started to swim. Richie being Richie decided that swimming with a beautiful woman was better than sleep so he ran after her. He jumped in and swam as quickly as he could to catch up to her. Evie felt muscly arms wrap around her, she knew who this was. She splashed his face with water. "Catch me Richie" she told Richie before she started to swim to the deep end. Richie soon followed struggling to keep up with her.

Finally Richie managed to get to the other end of the 40m long swimming pool. He caught up to her, eventually.
"How do you do that" he asked
"Practice, lots of practice"
They did some more lengths and then jumped in, Richie learnt to dive; he wasn't very good though. Soon though they had to get out of the swimming pool, Richie had a interview with the band. Evie gracefully got out the pool, however Richie was like a beached whale. "Take my hand Rich" Evie offered
Eventually with Evie's help he heaved himself out. Richie picked Evie up playfully and nuzzled her neck. " Lets go take a shower"

Chapter 3

She administered a canula into his arm and got out a needle. If anything was to make him faint this was it." God" Richie uttered under his breath. Jon on the other hand bit back a breath." Evie isn't that a bit big" Jon questioned." Well he's a big guy" Evie retorted.
She administered the needle and she did that countdown. By the end of it Richie was sleeping. The assistant put a tube down Richie's throat and he just seemed so peaceful, sleeping. Evie had her things ready.

"Let the show begin" she said in an enthusiastic tone.
She eased into it like she did this all the time. She started to use the 'easy does it approach' but the wisdom tooth wouldn't budge." Dam"
Then she started to use the other approach it finally started to move. It was finally on it's final string. Then it eventually come out." Rich had a stubborn tooth" Jon chuckled. " Why don't you try" Evie muttered. By this time the assistant had gone and it was just the three of them.

"I will" Jon replied. He walked up to Evie  and put on some gloves." Right how do I do it?". "Well you do it back and forward and left and right". She grabbed his hands and shown him.
"You can do that tooth, while I stitch up his gum. It was only a fair deal. "You're pretty skilled with your hands there". At that moment  his tooth came out. "Two more to go"
"Oh so you can count now" she joked
"I was never that dumb"
"How's he doin' Captain" she teased
"Everything's ship-shape" he replied.
By now they were on the third and she was stitching his gum where the second tooth had been extracted.
A groan escaped Richie's mouth. "Must be off in Richie land  again" Jon said.

Richie had his third wisdom tooth out and was now on the final pulling. Finally it was out. "Well I don't know how but we did it. You actually proven useful today. Good work". Evie wrapped a bandage around Richie's head. Jon undid all of the machines and took out the canula . Evie took out the tube from Richie's mouth and changed her clothes. Evie sat down at the computer." That was the fun part of my job now comes the boring part"

"No hard foods for a few days; his mouth needs time to heal, I recommend ice cream  and mash potato anything soft is fine, keep him hydrated that means water and milk, not beer, Jack or wine and his mouth will be in pain so keep pills on standby. Got it"
"Got it"
"Good". He wrote all of this on a notepad just so he could give it to Richie." What are we going to be living in;  I can't go back to the apartment".
"You can come back to mine, I need to keep an eye on him any way "

A louder groan escaped Richie this time." He's stirring now" Evie spoke. Richie opened his eyes to see Evie and Jon." You still have your gloves on, he can't know" she whispered.
"I can't know what"
"Nothing Richie" He sat up, crossing his arms." I feel drowsy have you got any of that magic medicine left, I think I need it"
"Richie that magic medicine is called anaesthetic, you just had an operation that is the reason you feel drowsy, and you are not getting any"

"Whoa Evie calm down"
"I'm sorry work is really stressful and you would see what I mean when you see who comes in here"

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Chapter 2

Evie got up and stretched her body.She clambered her long legs off the bed and put on her favourite Eyore slippers.She got up and went downstairs. Evie walked over to the cooker and put on some eggs and bacon.Once that was done she put on the kettle and got out a mug for her coffee.Nothing like a bit of caffeine in the morning to wake you up.Soon enough the kettle boiled and she poured her coffee.She went back to cooking her breakfast, juicy egg and tasty bacon= deliciousness on a plate.She carried her breakfast and coffee to the table.She slowly eat the bacon savouring it's taste, she dipped the bacon into the egg yolk.After that she eat the egg.Good things shall not go to waste she thought in her head."What have I got today at work" she said looking at the calender.As she read the calendar, a sly grin spread onto her lips."So I have them today eh, the tall cool drink of water and the shorter one".

Finishing her coffee, she put her plate and mug into the sink and went upstairs.She stepped into the bathroom and brushed her teeth thoroughly  and by the time she was done they looked immaculate.She changed from her pajamas into her work clothes.She tied her hair up into a ponytail and went downstairs. Evie picked up her sandwiches off the work-surface, which she had made the night before, grabbed her keys and went to her awaiting car.

She drove to the dental surgery, with the radio playing Journey's Don't Stop Believing and a few others.But dam she wouldn't stop believing.Eventually she ended up at the surgery.She locked her car and walked into the workplace.She walked up to her room and passed a fellow dentist
"Hello Andrew"
"Hi Evie, what's gotten you so cheery"
"Oh just a couple of patients"
"Okay, I'll see you later then"
"Bye Andrew"
The next few hours passed by quickly.Lots of patients some with horrendous teeth.God if she ever saw any more horrible teeth she'd kill herself.Then her next two came wondering through.Richie looked extremely nervous  like a little puppy.
Jon stood there with his long hair cascading down his shoulders."So who's first" she asked without hesitation.
"Him" Richie said pointing his callused finger at Jon.

"OK then" he said sitting down in the chair. Evie lowered it down and turned on the bright light so she could see what she was doing.She looked inside with her mirror and scaler looking inside each nook and cranny.
"Perfect brushing, they're in excellent shape"
She put down her dental instruments and let Jon get up."Richie" she said in a motherly tone, her hand pointing at the dentists chair.He winced and sat down.Richie hated going to the dentists even when he was a little child.Always.Anyhow Evie had her instruments in his mouth."Errrr Rich" she said hesitating at the words she was just going to say."You're having your wisdom teeth pulled"
"I said it, I could book another appointment if you like or...."
"Or what"
"I could just simply do it now"
"Now please, just get it over with"
"Does he get knocked out"
"Why" she asked
"It's just, I'd rather if he did that's all"
"Oh I can do that for you"
"Please do" Jon replied.Richie winced, he hated having extractions but at least he'd be knocked out and unconscious.
He nodded his approval and lay back.
"Just a sec, I have to have my assistant" Evie said.
Richie blew a sigh of relief. "King you okay, you seem a little off"
"I'm nervous, I knew that this would happen"
"Well at least you got a pretty woman to do it for you"
"Well there is that" a grin swept across his face.
"I'm back, ya ready"
"Ready as I'll ever be"

Chapter 1

She stumbled into the house and slammed the door shut. Why did life have to do this? Evie locked the door behind her and walked over to the couch, she plonked herself on  it and switched on the TV. Channel flicking she noticed there was nothing to watch, so she made herself a cup of coffee.
Work was so demanding; she was so stressed. The day had been full of extractions, fillings and examinations, she was a dentist. She loved her job, everyone should, it was just so demanding and tiresome. But unfortunately work was work and she had to pay the bills somehow? She finished her coffee and ran upstairs, a shower in her sights. She took off her boring, plain and dull uniform  and hopped into the shower.

The water hit her aching shoulders and soothed them so the pain became bearable. She opened up the shampoo and put a big dollop on her head, massaging it with her fingers. Evie turned up the temperature to scorching so to not feel the pain that still lingered in her shoulders. She then repeated this with the conditioner. Then followed by the soap, meticulously covering every inch of her curvy body. She wrapped the white fluffy towel around herself  and headed into the bedroom.

She spread on the bed. "That feels better" she mumbled softly.She was happily single but something inside of her wanted something more. Her stomach growled loudly." I suppose I should feed you huh". She put on some pajama shorts and top over her now-dry body. She walked into the kitchen and started making her sandwich, she could of made something more special but it was late. So she didn't bother. She got out the bread and ham and started to make it.

Once finished she coated it in sauce and sat down in front of the telly. Considering it was 1986, MTV was on. You Give Love A Bad Name  played and Evie sang along to it.
As one more hour of Motley Crue, Poison, Van Halen, Europe, Bon Jovi and Cheap Trick passed, she was ready for bed.

As much as Evie wanted to have a day off, she had work tomorrow, hopefully better than today. She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth with one of her many toothbrushes. Once that was over with she leapt onto her King sized bed. She liked to have big spaces to sprawl out considering she was 5'9.She wafted her brunette coloured hair out of her face and pulled up the covers, drifting off into a dreamless sleep hoping the next day would bring something that was worth going to work for.